How to Customize Your Linux Mint with i3 + Polybar + Rofi

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How to Customize Your Linux Mint with i3 + Polybar + Rofi

It also works on Ubuntu and Debian.

1. Installing the dependencies

First you need to install i3, i3-wm and i3status:

sudo apt install i3 i3-wm i3status

2. Login to i3

After the installation is complete, log out and log into i3 and press ENTER and then ENTER again to accept the default i3 settings if you wish.

Then open the Super + ENTER terminal and run the following commands:

chmod +x aptporn

3. Using the help


usage: aptporn [flags]


    --install          No update system
    --install-all      Update all system
    --dep              Only install dependencies
    --version,-v       Show version
    --help,-h          Show this is message

* Marcos Oliveira - <> - APTPORN 0.1

4. Installation

./aptporn --install

5. Final

Then enter your sudo password and wait for the script to finish executing that everything will be done automatically!

More screenshot:

Ubuntu aptporn

Any questions left? Then watch the video:

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