Meet Meld, an easier to view diff

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Meet Meld, an easier to view diff

Meld is a visual comparison and merger tool for developers. Meld helps you compare files, directories and projects controlled by version.


Use your distro’s repository, examples:

emerge meld # Gentoo, Funtoo, ...
sudo apt install meld # Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, ...
sudo pacman -S meld # Arch, Manjaro, ...
sudo dnf install meld # Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, ...


Basically it is the same concept as diff but the command is meld, example:

meld file1.txt file2.txt

For a more detailed example, I created 2 files Shell Script:

  • cat
#!/usr/bin/env bash

function bye(){
  [[ ! -z $1 ]] && t="$1" || t=$(basename ${HOME})
  printf "%s\n" "Bye, ${t^}!"

bye $1
  • cat

function hi(){
  [[ ! -z $1 ]] && t="$1" || t=$(basename ${HOME})
  printf "%s\n" "Hi, ${t^}!"

hi $1

If we use diff the output looks like this:

< #!/usr/bin/env bash
> #!/bin/sh
< function bye(){
> function hi(){
<   printf "%s\n" "Bye, ${t^}!"
>   printf "%s\n" "Hi, ${t^}!"
< bye $1
> hi $1

A little difficult to visualize, right ?!

Already with meld

Meld area

There are some program options, for example if we go to: FileFormat as patch …, save only the patch (the changes), see image below:


One more example: One more example


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