OpenBSD 6.5 - USB Disk Installation

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The installation of OpenBSD is very simple when you use the default methods, but some people get in the way when they install via USB disk (pendrive). In this video/article we will show you how to do it.

After booting the pendrive the installation process is the same, differing only in some parts during the installation.

During the installation process it is necessary to pay attention to the following step: Where to install the sets ? When this question appears:

Lets install the sets!
Location of sets? (cd0 disk http or 'done') [cd0]

In this case it is necessary to enter the word disk, because WE WILL INSTALL THE USB DISK (PENDRIVE), type disk and then press [ENTER]

Lets install the sets!
Location of sets? (cd0 disk http or 'done') [cd0] disk

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