Revealing the Secrets of Hollywood Hackers

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Revealing the Secrets of Hollywood Hackers

Who has never seen those movie hackers decrypting data with a single [enter]? It would be nice if it was that easy, but the effect is cool! 😃

Now let’s see how they do those crude decryptions, as in the excerpt from this movie:

No more secrets! 😎

No More Secrets

This project is a command line tool called nms that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen on the screen in the 1992 hacker movie, Sneakers.

Channel any ASCII or UTF-8 text to nms and apply the Hollywood effect, initially showing the encrypted data and then starting a decryption sequence to reveal the original plain text characters.


Someone has endeavored to create software that makes the same effect via the command line. To install just run the commands below in order:

You will need git, make and gcc installed.

git clone
cd ./no-more-secrets
make nms
make sneakers             ## Optional
sudo make install


To use it, just run any command that displays output and throw the stdout to the nms command (eg: man ls | head -n 30 | nms) and after the “encrypted” data is displayed, just press [enter] to “decrypt”. See the image below:


No More Secrets

Alternatively you also have the sneakers command that displays exactly the content of the Sneakers movie:


If you want to uninstall just enter the repository you cloned, run the command: sudo make uninstall and remove the repository from your computer:

git clone
cd ./no-more-secrets
sudo make uninstall
cd ..
rm -rf ./no-more-secrets

There, it’s the first step to becoming a hacker… Hollywood! 😛

No More Secrets Official Page

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